Launched in 2017, Dinky Ideas aims to be one of the foremost authorities on creative design. Specialising in brand design for growing businesses, we bring a new energy to branding, packaging design and design consulting, taking inspiration from life experiences and the everyday world.


With more than 20 years of commercial design experience, including running graphic design teams for iconic British brands such as Ted Baker and Cath Kidston, our founder Kitty Lai brings her passion for helping businesses come to life and injects into to every project. She is expert in the processes surrounding product and brand development - from concept and sourcing to creating branding and packaging, to print buying, shipping and marketing. But when working with clients, Kitty looks at more than just what she knows. She takes in the bigger picture to create a legacy instead of simply a brand – and that is what sets Dinky Ideas apart.

“ I am passionate about inspiring others when it comes to creative design and building brands. This is what motivates me, and drives Dinky Ideas. So, when you work with us you can expect a wholly creative solution – not just a simple logo or concept, but a fun and positive experience with design experts you can trust. ” 


Kitty Lai, Founder of Dinky Ideas

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